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Strength for the Journey

Meet your personal goals in your first three years and beyond with our nursing career development program.

As you begin your nursing career, Saint Luke’s is giving you Strength for the Journey. Through our three-year professional development program, you’ll have the opportunity to experience mentoring, coaching, and other resources designed to help you grow your career within Saint Luke’s Health System.

Working with your manager, clinical educators, preceptors, and other professionals, you will create a personalized career development plan and complete Strength for the Journey activities. The program is flexible and tailored to your goals and needs. 

Preparing for the Journey

Through open communication and a focus on your future, our goal is to support your career development and bring to life Saint Luke's vision to be the The Best Place to Get Care, The Best Place to Give Care

Year One

  • Residency program
  • Mentoring with clinical education specialist
  • StrengthScope™ assessment
  • Regular contact points with manager
  • Preceptor throughout orientation

Year Two

  • Residency program graduation
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for the Journey
  • Clinical advancement program
  • Shared governance representation
  • Mentoring resources

Year Three

  • Clinical advancement opportunities
  • Professional preceptor program
  • Clinical instructor or capstone precepting opportunity
  • Specialty certification support
  • Intentional leadership program

Apply Today 

Be part of Saint Luke’s tradition of excellence and make a difference every day—apply to one of the best nursing teams in the region. Once hired, you will automatically be enrolled in our Strength for the Journey Program.

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