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Strength for the Journey

We're committed to your career development as a Saint Luke's Nurse. Meet your personal goals throughout your first three years and beyond through participation in Strength for the Journey.

As you give your all to your new career as a nurse, Saint Luke's is giving you Strength for the Journey. This strength begins with your first year of practice and extends through the third year of practice and it includes a variety of expectations and opportunities available to you as a Saint Luke's nurse.

But the Journey does not end there. With a focus on your goals as a professional, this Journey is designed to support and grow your career within Saint Luke's Health System.

Focusing on your strengths, your manager, clinical educators, preceptors and others will provide you with the mentoring, coaching, tools, and other resources necessary to bring your career development plan to life. The opportunities available to professional nurses are plentiful, and at Saint Luke's we are committed to helping you accomplish your goals.

Your first three years of practice will include a number of required tasks and optional opportunities that will assist you along the way. And your Journey will be specifically developed for you based on your personal goals and career development plan. Through open communication and a focus on your future, our goal is to support your career development plan to bring to life the Saint Luke's Health System Vision: to be The Best Place to Get Care. The Best Place to Give Care

One major factor impacting your success is the creation of a career development plan. This career development plan is yours to own. Through utilization and implementation of a career development plan, Saint Luke's nurses are encouraged to map out not only where they want to be after their first, second, and third years of practice, but to think about the future as well.

Year One

  • Residency program
  • Mentoring with clinical education specialist
  • StrengthScope™ assessment
  • Regular contact points with manager
  • Preceptor throughout orientation

Year Two

  • Residency program graduation
  • LIFEWISE™ for the Journey
  • Clinical advancement program
  • Governance representation
  • Mentoring resources available
  • Social impact initiative involvement

Year Three

  • Continued clinical advancement opportunities
  • Professional preceptor program
  • Clinical instructor option
  • Specialty certification support
  • Intentional leadership program