Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Saint Luke’s Health System is committed to providing exceptional care for all patients and a safe and healthy atmosphere for our team.

Nurse Residency Program

Saint Luke’s recognizes the challenges faced by new graduate nurses as they begin their careers. To address these challenges, we have developed a comprehensive program to help support nurses’ professional growth.

About our Program

Our Nurse Residency Program is based on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s Transition to Practice model. All new graduate BSNs and ADNs hired at Saint Luke’s participate in this program, which helps them to build clinical competency and professional practice behaviors throughout the first year of practice.

As part of this 12-month program, you will be paired with experienced nurses and clinical educators. Your preceptor will work closely with you during the orientation period to help you adjust to your unit. Mentors and facilitators will assist you in your professional development and help you become more involved with Saint Luke’s Health System and its nursing shared governance.

During the 12-month program, you will attend bi-monthly modules facilitated by system clinical educators. Topics of discussion will include:

  • Patient-centered Care: This concept is weaved throughout the program. The new nurse will develop sound decision making skills and clinical judgment based on recognition and validation of relevant patient data.
  • Communication and Teamwork: This module will develop within the nurse resident the traits of hardiness and resilience through teamwork and inter-professional collaboration.
  • Evidence-based Practice: At the conclusion of the residency program, this module will assist the resident in applying the concepts of evidence-based practice to the delivery of safe, quality patient care.
  • Quality Improvement: This module will explore quality improvement from an individual and professional practice perspective.
  • Informatics: This module will explore the resident’s professional responsibilities with respect to legal and ethical use of technologies and health care information.
  • Care Coordination: This module will explore the nurse’s role as coordinator of patient care to ensure the provision of safe, high-quality, evidence-based care.
  • Professionalism: This module will provide the nurse resident with a framework by which to appraise the value of their practice. Additional information will be provided about how to enhance the resident’s practice through professional certification and continuing education.

Program Goals

  • Transition from entry-level nurse to a competent professional.
  • Develop effective decision-making skills.
  • Develop strategies to incorporate sources of evidence-based practice and process improvement and present to peers.
  • Develop clinical leadership skills at the point of patient care.
  • Formulate an individual career plan to promote a lifelong commitment to professional nursing.


To be eligible, participants must have graduated from an accredited nursing program and have less than one year of experience as a nurse. Our nurse residency application is now open to nursing students graduating this September – February. Interviews for candidates will take place throughout the fall. Nursing students graduating in Spring 2021 will be eligible to apply starting January 4, 2021.

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